Backpacker Tax Refund Application

Tax Refund Application Form

How does it work?

  • Personal Details

    At the beginning we need your name, IRD number and some contact details, including your most recent New Zealand address and an address in your home country.

  • Your Stay in New Zealand

    We will then need to know when you have arrived in New Zealand and when you are planning to leave. Also we need the bank account number your refund is transferred to. In the unlikely event that you have ever own a New Zealand company, please let us know. Also, in the rare case you have done work as a contractor, click yes at the appropriate question.

  • Authority to Act

    In order to process your tax refund, Inland Revenue (IRD) requires us to get your permission, to do so. You are giving us this permission by clicking ALL the check boxes in the “Authority to Act” section.

  • Indentification

    In order to offer a secure service, we need to know that you are you. Therefor, please attach a scan of your passport and a scan of one other photo ID, e. g. Driving License, 18+ Card, National ID Card etc.

  • Done

    That’s it. Just accept our Terms and Conditions. Proof that you are actually human and sign electronically with your full name.