How it works

Your tax refund process explained

  • Signing Up

    All necessary information is submitted to us by filling in the online application form.

    To apply you will need your IRD number, a photo ID, your bank account number and 5 minutes of your time. We will then ask you a few questions that describe your personal circumstances. During the application you also have opportunity to upload any relevant documents that you might think are of interest for us. E. g. a flight ticket in case you want to do an early return.

    Once we have received your application, you will automatically be notified by us. Also the Inland Revenue will send you a letter acknowledging that we are preparing your tax return.

  • Preparing & Filing

    We then determine your tax obligations, calculate your tax refund, prepare your tax return based on the information you have provided and file it with the Inland Revenue. Once we submitted your return you will be automatically notified via email.

  • Inland Revenue checks

    The Inland Revenue then processes the return and checks it against your earnings information. This process can take between 1 and 12 weeks, depending on your circumstances.

    You will be automatically notified by email, once Inland Revenue has successfully processed your return.

  • Refund Payout

    Once Inland Revenue has processed your return successfully, you will receive the refund with our low fee already deducted. So all the money is yours to keep. Simple. If you chose to get your refund paid into a bank account outside New Zealand, then your refund will be wired into your account via Western Union. Please allow between 2 and 3 days for the money to be cleared.