Tax Returns & Personal Tax Summaries

We prepare and file Personal Tax Summaries for ordinary Salary & Wage earners at one low fixed rate. Fast, easy, risk free.

We also prepare and file Tax Returns for people like backpackers, international students, contractors or seasonal workers at the same low fixed rate…Simply New Zealand’s easiest Tax Refund.

Calculate your Refund

Our tax refund calculator allows you to estimate the amount of tax you would get back, when applying for a tax refund with us.

Simply enter your gross income and deducted tax, which you can find on your payslips and choose if you want to make a calculation based on one weekly pay slip or your annual earnings and deductions.

Annual Weekly

Why should you use eTax?

A special tax refund service

We are the easiest

We offer an inexpensive Tax Refund Service in New Zealand for just 19 % of your refund.

1 low fix rate for all

We have just one low fixed rate for all our services. 19 % of your refund.

No Refund, No Fee

If there is no refund or you face a tax bill, we don’t file and you are not charged.

We pay out wordwide

We are transferring your refund to any account in the world.

How our rate compares to our compatitors

Our competitor’s fees based on an average refund of $300

$57.00 - eTax Refunds
$80.04 - My Tax Back
$89.00 - Monsta Tax Refunds
$90.00 - My Tax Refund
$99.50 -
$144.00 - My Tax
$150.00 - My Refund
$153.00 -
$189.63 - WooHoo (NZ Tax Refunds)

Statistical basis of these numbers

The comparison of competitor fees is based on a $300 tax refund, with no outstanding arrears towards Inland Revenue. The calculations include the service provider’s fees for IR3 returns incl. self-employed people claiming work-related expenses; excluding special deals such as for school children or other discounts.

Advantages over doing it yourself

  • Highest Refund

    We get the highest refund possible and claim all your tax credits

  • New Zealand Tax Resident

    We determine if you are a New Zealand tax resident an the obligations that come with it

  • Worldwide payments

    We pay out your refund to any bank account in the world

  • Already left New Zealand?

    No Problem. We can get your tax refund even when you are not in New Zealand anymore

  • We avoid tax bills

    We know if you are owed a refund before we contact Inland Revenue.

  • Paper work is ours - the Refund yours

    We do all the paper work and Inland Revenue correspondence for you

About Us

eTax is New Zealand’s easiest tax refund service. We don’t believe in complex fee structures. We believe in 1 low fixed fee for all our services. Simple!

There are no hidden costs or surprises.

We prepare and file your personal tax summary and tax return or claim your donation tax credits. We are here to make you tax affairs simple and this is why we spare you the difference between all the different return types and charge just 1 low fixed fee for all.

Are you an ordinary sales and wage earner? Than you are as welcome as the thousands of backpackers, international students, contractors and seasonal workers we help with their tax refund. Permanent resident or just temporary worker. Everybody pays the same low fixed fee.

eTax is a licensed Tax Agent with the government department of the Inland Revenue (IR). We are working closely together with them to deliver the biggest and most accurate tax refunds legally possible. We took care of the complicated things for you, because we believe tax refunds should be easy and cheap. One form, one low fixed fee, risk free, no refund, no charge, simply New Zealand’s easiest tax refund service.

More answers to your questions you can find in our FAQ section. Check them out.

What our clients say

You could be one of them

Clara’s tax was not correctly deducted and she was never payed holiday pay. Now, she is looking into a refund of more than $1100, which we have transferred across the globe to her German bank account.

Clarafrom Germany

After his working holiday year in New Zealand Chris planned to study in Germany. Our Tax refund gave him another $450, which he can now spend in setting up his new apartment.

Chrisfrom Germany

We have helped Max from Sweden to claim his holiday pay. Now he has $624 more to spend in clothing. Because that’s what he’s into.

Maxfrom Sweden
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